Filhos de Dona Maria’s inspiration is rooted on the drums and spices of the terreiro, where African Brazilian religions find their home. Their samba is enmeshed with chula, afoxé, jongo and the musicality of capoeira. The group’s music reaffirms black identity and its traditions, strengthening afro-brasilian culture in the process


Their first album, entitled “Todos os Prazeres” (All the Pleasures) was released at the Festival Abre Caminhos (Open Paths Festival), an event that has as its foundation the union of musical rhythms with African roots. The festival was held in October 2015, at the Plaza of the Orishas in Brasilia-DF.


The union of African Brazilian ancestry and sacred traditions of African origin are the basis for the themes of the songs in the disc.


With 15 tracks, featuring predominantly their own compositions, “Todos os Prazeres” (All the Pleasures) is the result of a collective musical direction process. All of the songs, except “Tia Baiana” (courtesy of the singer-songwriter Wilson Moreira) were composed by at least one of the members of the group. One of the songs, the sequence of jongos, was composed by all of the members. “The album highlights the authorial production of Brasilia. It carries songs signed by some of the songwriters of the new generation of Samba in Brasilia, such as Breno Alves, Kadu Nascimento and Dinho Braga” says Artur Senna (percussion).


The album also features three special guests: The singer Fabiana Cozza from São Paulo, one of the most important interpreters of contemporary music, Afoxé Alafin Oyo, exponent of traditional black culture Olinda (PE) and Wilson Moreira that in his 58 years of career, collects compositions that became classics of samba and strengthen black identity and the traditional samba.


Recently the group performed in Brasilia’s traditional New Years Eve concert at the Plaza of the Orishas, at the Festival de Cultura Negra Latinidades (Black Culture Festival), at the Festival Internacional de Percussão SÃO BATUQUE (International Percussion Festival) and at the Encontro de Culturas Tradicionais da Chapada dos Veadeiros (Traditional Cultures Festival).


The group also produces an event called Terreirada in Brasilia, which has been happening for one year and aims to strengthen and spread black culture.